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The story behind our story

Insight Africa UK is an educational consulting company registered in England & Wales.

We offer a range of Educational services with the aim of promoting community cohesion, Self development and further/higher studiesInsight Africa UK promotes good relations and diversity through educational, interactive and cultural activities. We explore ways of breaking down racial barriers by looking at African cultures and African people in a more balanced way

What Children and young people learn from the TV, newspapers and the internet – starvation, abject poverty, disease, war and famine forms a major part of their understanding of Africa. We do not deny that what they portray is true but we believe that children need to be given a balanced view of the continent so they become aware that there is more to Africa than the media presents.

Undoubtedly the need to promote better relationships, diversity, and community cohesion within the United Kingdom which is becoming more multicultural and multi-racial as a result of globalisation cannot be over emphasised. Children and young people are part of this diverse global community so it is important to instil within them, values that foster understanding and acceptance of diversity through cultural and racial awareness.

Through fun and interactive activities we educate young people by stimulating them to want to explore Africa, it’s people and cultures and in doing this we break down racial barriers.

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About Ralueke Parkin

Hello, my name is Ralueke Parkin and I am on a mission with Insight Africa UK to promote a more positive and balanced view of Africa to young people, to encourage them to further their studies and to prepare them for the multicultural and multiracial community they live in at school and beyond school.
I have a passion for young people and making positive changes in the society which explains why in the first instance I opted to study for a Masters in Theatre and Development Studies.
In 2006 while working for the Joint United Nations Programme for HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) I applied to the University of Leeds to study for a Masters Degree in Theatre and Development Studies.

That decision has been one of the best decisions I ever made as it has had a positive impact on my life. While studying I got involved with different projects and volunteered with a few organisations in and around Leeds.


These helped form the foundation for Insight Africa UK. I identified a need and decided to fill the gap.

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