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Bespoke Program

Ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in American universities

We can put together a portfolio of courses or programmes as bespoke events which can be tailored specifically to suit individual visiting groups.

Education and Training

We partner with UK Universities, Schools and Organisations to provide Education and Training and other Services. Tell us your needs and we will link you with the right one interested in providing the service you require

Cultural Awareness Programme (CAP)

Insight Africa UK introduces children – aged from eight years old to mid teens – to diverse Africa, its people and culture. Our workshops provide a balanced alternative to the Western media stereotypes of Africa: conflict, poverty, disease and starvation.

Our Workshops

We offer bespoke workshops suitable for children and young people which are handy for use by schools, Colleges, public and private organisations and more

English Language

Groups of academic staff from Universities are welcome for specially tailored English for Academics courses. Over a few weeks the course will focus on general English communication, communication skills for professional academics and teaching and learning in higher education.

Internship Programmes

With our partners Universities we also host groups of interns from Universities. These groups can spend between One month and a year on a specialist programme developed to address their individual academic requirements.

Youth development

Programmes that prepare young people for life in a competitive and knowledge-driven society, and strengthen the developmental relationships that help them succeed in education and in life – helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults.

Cultural & School Exchange programmes

Do you want to increase your understanding of other cultures, as well as improve your language skills or broaden your social horizons? Contact us to organise a bespoke prorgrame for you or your group to the UK or France

Business Consultancy

Insight Africa UK provides general Consultancy to organisations who want to access products and services from the UK. All sectors but with a focus on Education & Training, Health care, ICT, Infrastracture, Renewable Energy and more.

Course Tutors

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Quick Info

  • Laptop and more tools available during the courses
  • Online course content access
  • SMS and Email notification
  • Affordable course fee
  • Dedicated Course Trainer

UK Summer Camp - STEM/Robotics Special Edition

This programme runs over the Summer from Sunday 5 August to Saturday 11 August 2018